The objectives of a social media strategy include: Strengthening customer service, increasing web traffic, promoting brand recognition, improving sales and retaining customers. In the circumstance of Haulerdeals being the “new kid on the block” they lacked in all categories.

With aspirations of creating more buzz than your average startup, they engaged social media influencers in hopes to abbreviate the time period toward success. The appeal social media influencers project is they’re experts within their social strategy and game to collaborate with companies who want to utilize their platform with consideration. 

Though Haulerdeals commissioned influencers in their quest, a majority of their roster weren’t strategically chosen. What Haulerdeals failed to understand was their ROI and influencers are categorized by tiers – a low, a mid and a top tier.  Haulerdeals scouted influencers at the highest tier, not taking into concern their saturated platforms. For instance, @SincerelyJules an influencer with 3.2 million followers and an average of 40k likes a post. Though impressive, @SincerelyJules’ followers have been bombed by endless collaborations resulting in high engagement and low ROI. A facet Haulerdeals didn’t understand.  

On the other hand, shifting the attention toward the mid-tier influencers is the sweet spot. Mid-tier influencers have better engagement, are producing organic conversations, their platforms aren’t saturated and essentially more affordable.  Take @RomanRoyale an influencer with over 59k followers, an average of 3k likes per post with the occasional collaboration. Collaborations are now projected as unique and not being overlooked, compelling people to like and purchase. If Haulerdeals understood this concept and formed a roster of strategically chosen influencers focused on the mid tier, they could still be in business today.